People living in remote villages, especially Persons with Disabilities, women and young children, lack access to basic health services and suffer from many preventable illnesses. Interestingly, disability and Health are closely linked. Article 25 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) reinforces the right of persons with disabilities to attain the highest standard of health care, without discrimination. HAARAN health and rehabilitation department advocate for the universal primary health care as well as recognition of the health rights of the disabled persons and the community at large.  Together with our partners, we train Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Committees, community health workers and care providers on how to provide health related Community Based Rehabilitation services within their communities. HAARAN uses CBR framework which acts as our guide to implement activities targeting PWD.  HAARAN health and Rehabilitation programs targets to:

  1. Improve the quality of life of people living with disabilities in the local community within the rural areas.

  2. Identify people in the community who should access rehabilitation services

  3. Provide clinical rehabilitation services for the disabled

  4. Improve skills of family members to help promote self-management or Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

  5. Provide mobility aids and rehabilitation equipment where needed

  6. Identify and refer patients to relevant services where applicable

  7. Provide families and patients with support groups

  8. Reduce social stigmas and enhance community understanding of disabilities

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