Education is universally recognized as a fundamental human right. It has intrinsic social, economic and cultural value for all children and young people and the societies they are part of including also Persons with Disabilities, (PwDs) Lack of education and lack of skills is a pandemic that we need to overcome in the current scenario. Education opens the door to lead a life of liberty, but skill development enables liberty meaningful by allowing one to accomplish prosperity.

Mainstreaming skills in inclusive education both in schools and colleges including Technical and Vocational training colleges is the need of the hour. Educational attainment and economic involvement are the key elements in ensuring the empowerment of Persons with Disabilities. HAARAN works with partners through lobbying and advocacy to play a strong advocacy role to address the serious gaps in access to education and collaborate with other NGOs li with a commitment to this important area. Our stand as an agency in promote Inclusive Education (IE) that will ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for children with Disabilities (CwDs).

To achieve this, HAARAN create and share knowledge about Children and youth with disabilities educational access, retention and transition, and then we advocate for policies and legislation that support all three areas. In rejoinder, we mainstream skills development into the inclusive education to ensure that inclusive growth.



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