The right to an adequate standard of living among Person with Disabilities and other marginalized persons is a cornerstone of our disability inclusive development program efforts. People are both motivated and capable to create livelihoods, even in the most difficult of circumstances. Our role is to assist that process to create the conditions and opportunities that enable people to manage their lives through knowledge sharing, providing tools and resources and building capacity of community networks and structures.

HAARAN empowers and supports PWDs to utilize their capacities and natural resourcefulness in ways that are relevant to their circumstances.

Primary the focus of our livelihoods will entail food security, income generating initiatives, micro-financing and credit schemes, smart agriculture and livestock care and restocking.

We will give high importance to supporting the formation of Disable People Organization groups that initiate and manage small enterprises and micro-financing schemes. While promoting livelihoods, HAARAN shall ensure that our beneficiary ensure proper environmental management best practices are applied and climate change adaptation.


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